Hello from Staff

Hello from Staff

 Our first ambition when launching Del’immo was to create a store where chocolatiers fully versed in the international “language” of chocolate could use their imagination to provide globally renowned sweets and pastries in Tokyo’s Akasaka district. Today, Del’immo provides many tempting chocolates and pastries that use cacao and other seasonal ingredients, and also offers new ways to enjoy chocolate with tea and wine.


Our culinary artists use their vast knowledge of pastries and chocolates to create products truly alluring to customer palates. You can now enjoy our flavorful goods even in Indonesia.

Mohammad Hasbih



 Bartender Mohammad Hasbih serves distinctive original drinks from Japan and special drinks for events throughout the year. He’s responsible for maintaining the delicate balance of taste, presentation and attractive colors of the drinks we serve, as well as the selection of fine ingredients and the cleanliness of the space.

Maulana Panca Praditya



 We offer a wide variety of sandwiches and other concept foods. Chef Maulana Panca Praditya is in charge of daily operations in the kitchen, both cooking and ensuring the quality of the food.

Andika Raihan



 Coffee shops in Indonesia are progressing very rapidly. We always aim to serve the best coffee to compete with other quality coffee shops. Our barista Andika Raihan will serve you the best variations of coffee with emphasis on presentation as well.