Grand Menu 2017


A new smoothie sensation has just arrived from Tokyo! Sweets Smoothies born from the daily work of our talented cake makers taste like delicious fresh cake in liquid form. Our talented cake makers are in the kitchen busy working on new smoothie recipes expect more very soon!




Only a true patisserie can produce such spongy pancakes!

Our pancakes are made from soufflé dough, and wonderful chocolate and vanilla flavors. We believe they’re the most delicious pancakes in Japan.




Enjoy these excellent sandwich plates prepared by our head baker!

Our sandwiches are made from bread hot from the oven and topped with tasty chicken, ham, mozzarella cheese, tuna, pickles and other ingredients. You’ll always leave our café satisfied.


Chocolate Brownie

Tasty chocolate with brownies Topped with chocolate ice cream A dream smoothie for chocolate lovers!

Royal Berry

A fresh fruit smoothie featuring five kinds of berries, topped with plenty of vanilla ice cream and a mixed berry sauce.

Cold Mango

The fresh scent of mango is sure to whet your appetite. The mango ice cream and white chocolate cream envelops the essence of mango in this masterpiece of a smoothie.

Tiramisu pancake

A chocolate pancake topped with mascarpone cream cheese,cocoa powder,chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream. Adding the ice cream creates a perfect balance of flavors.

IDR 81k/Set

IDR 71k/Single

Sucre Pancakes

These are our kitchen’s simplest yet most popular pancakes. They melt in your mouth!

IDR 78k/Set

IDR 68k/Single

Chicken Cutlet Sandwich

A delicious pairing featuring a chicken cutlet and tartar sauce.The fresh and colorful vegetables create a crisp texture and also make this sandwich a treat for your eyes.

IDR 103k/Set

IDR 93k/Single

Beef Ham and Egg Sandwich

A classic beef ham and egg sandwich already popular in Indonesia. The great chemistry between the egg and mayonnaise is especially mouthwatering.

IDR 95k/Set

IDR 85k/Single

Tuna and Coleslaw Sandwich

This sandwich is packed with Del'immo's homemade coleslaw for a satisfying texture. Light yet filling,even as the hot days drag on and your appetite is prone to lag.

IDR 98k/Set

IDR 88k/Single

Strawberry Short Cake

Custard and vanilla ice cream top this berry-based smoothie

So simple, but once you take a sip, you cannot stop!

Green Tea Smoothie

A fresh and mild milk-based smoothie that combines the earthy bitterness and sweet aftertaste of matcha with rich whipped cream.

Berry Berry

Topped with homemade berry compote and whipped cream, these pancakes take you on a dream journey through a berry farm!

These are extremely popular in our shop in Japan.

IDR 92k/Set

IDR 82k/Single

Black Dandy

Our chocolate soufflé pancakes, topped with whipped cream and chocolate chips—you’ll never forget their light yet appetizing flavor.

IDR 84k/Set

IDR 74k/Single

Double Decker Sandwich

This is a sandwich masterpiece! The fresh lettuce, egg and ham look like  what you’d see at a café somewhere in New York City. Try one!

IDR 88k/Set

IDR 65k/Single

Croissant Tuna Sandwich

Mozzarella, tuna and pickles in a croissant made with plenty of butter  are the perfect dish for a fantastic café experience.

IDR 83k/Set

IDR 60k/Single